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 County Criminal Record Check:

Most felony and misdemeanor cases are filed in county courts and their records are reported according to applicable local, state and federal laws. This makes county criminal record search one of the best ways to track criminal records on individuals

 State-wide criminal Record Check:

A state-wide criminal search is done to find out any misdemeanors, felonies and traffic offenses committed by an individual in a particular state

 National Criminal Record Check:

The National Criminal Record Search is a database check that searches over 800 million records nationwide. Data found in this search comes from diverse sources such as state-wide repositories, local county information, Department of Corrections and Administration of Courts records.

 Federal Criminal Record Check:

It is conducted to dig out criminal information about an individual in the records of a specific federal district court. The federal cases usually include crimes involving federal laws, cross state boundaries and committed on federal property.

 Nationwide Sex Offender Record Check:

A comprehensive nationwide sex offender record search consists of details connected with convicted sex offenders. A real-time search of publicly available sex offender information from all states, including District of Columbia, US Tribes and Territories.

Global Watch List:

The global watch database search is conducted to scrutinize the individuals and businesses to search for US and foreign sanctions and watch lists. The sources include lists from the FBI, DEA, OIG, SDN, BATF, ICE, OFAC, SDN, SAM and assorted international sources such as Interpol and foreign sex offender registries.

 FACIS Check:

Fraud and Abuse Control Information Systems (FACIS) assists in finding out a wide array of database consisting of an unfavorable action conducted by individuals and entities from the healthcare field. There are three different search options available in FACIS which consists of the bare minimum federal requirements for a search that includes more than 800 sources in 50 states.

 Civil Record Check:

Civil records are used to ascertain non-criminal suits filed by a candidate or against a candidate. It is a non-criminal dispute between two parties that can include contract disputes, property, money etc. With the help of the records database, it is possible to find out filing information on civil suits from different courts like district, circuit, chancery, municipal and small claims courts throughout the different jurisdictions in the United States

 Address History Check/SSN Trace:

Social security number trace is an excellent tool that sets the base for conducting criminal record searches. It includes finding current and previous addresses along with any other names the candidate might have used which can be significant while researching the criminal history.

 Driver’s History Check:

It is recommended to conduct motor vehicle record search on candidates that are being hired for positions that require driving like transportation, delivery, trucking, DOT compliance or any use of company vehicles.

 Academic Record Check:

Educational qualifications, often, form the basis of shortlisting the suitable candidates and lining them up for further assessments. To ensures that fake degrees, colleges, dates, and grades are unearthed, we directly contact the related agencies or educational institutions to check for the veracity of the supplied candidature information.

 Work History Check:

Claims about work history, skills and profiles cited by a potential recruit, employment verification also analyzes (any) gaps or inconsistencies in one’s employment graph and helps in establishing the trustworthiness. This verification enables HR personnel to gauge the candidate’s fitment for the job role in question – a very important aspect in roles requiring specific skills and technical experience.

 Reference Check:

The process of reference checking implies an objective evaluation or checking of a prospective employee’s or associate’s past employment and conduct record. In simple words, it indicates a complete background research of a shortlisted candidate to ensure that person would be a good fit for a said role.

 Professional License Check:

Professional License Check helps you to scrutinize the professional licensing of the candidate and determine whether it is in good standing. It is also helpful in evaluating the affiliations and memberships of the candidate.

 Credit History Check:

There are times when candidates omit relevant information from their credit history which makes it difficult to gauge their credit history in a correct manner. Through credit history check, you can get a fair idea of the financial responsibility and stability of the candidate.