Protect your brand with continuous monitoring

Benefits of pre-employment background screening are known by all; it helps you to know about a candidate’s criminal history BEFORE you hire them. Screening should not stop when an employee is hired. Instead, use continuous monitoring to identify potential warning signs before it is too late.

Your most important assets—employees and customers require a healthy workplace; our agile solution of continuous monitoring offers exactly what you need to achieve your goal.

Many industries only perform post-hire checks to remain compliant with state and federal regulations or before an employee is elevated to a more senior position. However, according to a recent study by Appriss – who provides proprietary data and analytics solutions to address safety, fraud, risk, and compliance issues worldwide – of 400,000+ employees found that about 12% of the workforce is likely to be incarcerated in the next five years, prompting companies to take a second look at their post-hire screening policies.

Continuous monitoring is an emerging practice to help you know current standing of your existing employees. Get in touch to know more.