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Trust is critical in the corporate world due to the ever-increasing dependency on data. This change has led employers to be more aware of the background screening of their current and prospective employees to ensure they can maintain the trust of their customers. Technology companies engage with sensitive information, projects, concepts, and confidential data. A bad hire can result in a data breach, stolen intellectual property, loss of clients, fraud, and damage to the brand.

Hiring challenges associated with the Technology industry

The hiring process in the technology industry can be particularly challenging due to the volume of hiring and attrition. Here's why it takes a toll on employers:

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Theft exposure

Data is a valuable asset. IT companies indulge in it almost daily. Unfortunately, there have been several instances where crucial information was leaked or sent to competitors. These instances require IT companies to stay on their toes when verifying and recruiting.

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Protecting the brand name

Clients stay away from organizations known for regular data breaches and scams. Reputation, in every industry, plays a vital role in the long term. Credibility and capability go a long way in earning the trust of the market.

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Incompetent employees

IT organizations need knowledgeable and highly talented employees in the industry. A pre-employment screening will guarantee that only eligible candidates are handpicked for the position.

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More liability

Employee fraud can result in financial loss, a ruined brand image, and possibly a lawsuit. However, you can easily sidestep all this by using extensive background checks and hiring only the prospects who pass the screening procedure.

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Unsafe environment

A good organization is one where everyone feels safe and secure working. Fraudulent candidates can bring your company down to its knees in a blink of an eye.

Why is cFIRST your best bet for Background Screening in the Technology industry?

A reliable organization is built by responsible employees. Therefore, it becomes vital for organizations to conduct a thorough screening of potential or current employees to maintain their brand equity. cFIRST offers an array of background checks on disparate parameters to validate candidates and ensure efficient workforces.

Educational background

Fraudulent certificates and degrees are the most typical scams candidates forge to get a rewarding job. Educational background checks help you steer away from such frauds to weed out misleading candidates. We connect with educational institutions to authenticate the candidates' backgrounds and claims.

Work history

We authenticate the prospect's work history and experience by making reference calls to verify the validity of the data provided. These checks determine the accuracy of a candidate's work performance, conduct, roles and responsibilities, and other professional information.

Criminal record

Ensuring the candidate is safe in the workplace is critical. We investigate candidates through public documents procured from courts and law enforcement authorities while conforming to legal compliances before executing the investigation.

Identity verification

Applicants often fabricate their identity details to get a high-paying job. With advanced technologies in place, it has only become difficult to detect malicious information. cFIRST conducts identity verifications using government-authorized documents to validate a candidate's profile and identity.

Drug and alcohol screening

Our drug and alcohol screening checks whether an employee engages in alcohol abuse or uses illegal substances. We provide results in record turnaround time to help you keep your organization secured.