Ceipal Integration

cFIRST's seamless integration with Ceipal means background checks are faster, easier, and more efficient than ever. No more mountains of forms – just accurate, reliable information at your fingertips, right from your Ceipal dashboard.

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Ceipal's Integrated Workflow Accelerates Your Path to Top Talent

The cFIRST-Ceipal integration enhances the user experience throughout the background screening process for Ceipal customers.

The integration is designed to assist organizations seeking faster background checks for routine services, enhancing the speed of the employee onboarding process. Ceipal and cFIRST are together creating a more ethical, efficient, and trustworthy talent acquisition landscape.


Make background checks easy with Ceipal's user-friendly platform.

Start and end your talent acquisition process from the comfort of your Ceipal platform. This seamless method requires only one-time integration.

Easy to get started

Our technical team assists with simple plug-and-play model, allowing you to begin your seamless talent acquisition process quickly.

Best-in-Industry turnaround time

We integrate technology and hands-on help to deliver completed reports faster while maintaining accuracy and compliance.

Built-in Compliance tools

With extensive global experience working with organizations of all kinds, we recognize the necessity of regulatory compliance. Consult with us about streamlining your compliance process.

Customized Packages

We understand that each business requires a different approach. We discover it with you and learn about your business, then create the ideal solution for you.

US and Global Checks across 185+ Countries

We assist corporates with multi-national hiring while abiding by the regulatory requirements of the geography where the talent acquisition takes place.

Dedicated Support team

A team of industry specialists is available to help you through the integration process and beyond.