Seamless and automated hiring experience

Dynamic client portal with a unified and streamlined process to help you tackle your screening needs conveniently at any time

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Sophisticated yet convenient

Employees and new hires contribute to your organization's unique culture, making background checks and identity services significant. As a result, every organization is pulsed on making recruitment choices efficiently, simply, and decisively. cFIRST provides a robust client portal that allows enterprises to handle their background screening needs independently at any time of the day. We empower you to make confident recruiting decisions that enrich your business and work environment. Exploit a simple, dynamic, and interactive cFIRST client portal with a sophisticated, mobile-responsive design built to eliminate the challenges faced by the HR professionals worldwide.

Adding value to your screening experience

cFIRST assists and elevates the background screening processes, considering global and regional compliances. Our adept client portal facilitates the recruiting team in screening and hiring applicants in a timely and secure manner. Here are some remarkable features that make cFIRST the primary choice for many enterprises:

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Simple login experience

cFIRST proposes a straightforward and simplified login experience that instantly eases the lengthy and daunting process. The client portal guarantees a seamless experience and unified access in multi-account setups.

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cFIRST allows seamless integration with legacy applicant tracking systems through easy to set up APIs. The platform facilitates integration with all leading ATS allowing easy sign-in and customizable packages at an industry-best turnaround time.

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Round-the-clock availability

Time is of the essence when hiring new candidates. cFIRST's client portal helps you find the best fit for your organization at any time of the day. Access the platform anytime by requesting the optimal service for your firm and raising issues 24x7.

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Innovative solutions

Leverage actionable dashboards, thorough background reports, and intuitive insights to configure and conduct background tests. cFIRST's state-of-the-art platform transforms every background screening into a detailed, workflow-driven experience, assisting you in onboarding the right prospect.

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cFIRST client portal reveals real-time candidate status and facilitates responses as necessary to ensure that screenings proceed smoothly. The extensive, real-time background report gives status updates, progress indicators for each order, and detailed analytics, making adjudication straightforward.

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Data security

At cFIRST, we ensure the data you upload is transferred securely using Transport Layer Security (TLS) with 128-bit or higher Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. The data is stored securely at rest with AES-256-bit encryption. Encryption keys are stored separately from the encrypted data with the hosting on an off-site secure cloud infrastructure.

How does it benefit enterprises?

cFIRST streamlines your business operations by providing on-demand access to the services you deliver and features that reduce the time to hire new employees. Furthermore, the highly customizable client portal settings make it ideal for enterprises, regardless of the industry. Organizations can take advantage of our full-fledged portal in multiple ways.

Real-time tracking

It is nearly impossible to stay up-to-date with employees' behavior using annual, quarterly, or monthly screening results. You can benefit from our reliable and high-quality automated background screening processes to receive real-time information about your employees.

Eases volume hiring

With an experience in taking care of volume hirings for large enterprises Large Hiring leading to higher number of background checks that can be automated. It is nearly impossible to stay up-to-date with employees' behavior using annual, quarterly, or monthly screening results. You can benefit from our reliable and high-quality automated background screening processes to receive real-time information about your employees.

Feedback capabilities

Customer feedback capabilities influence continuous improvements. You can avail of compliance-enabled solutions to minimize the risk exposure in the screening process. Constant reporting and analytics will help you decide if your global employment effort is attaining the pre-decided business objectives.

Easy access to the reports

Easily access reports with a single click on your desktop or mobile without leaving the dashboard. cFIRST furnishes a novel, cutting-edge and mobile-responsive framework for ease of access anytime at any location. The microservice-based architecture allows you to alter and modify crucial components of the screening test to accommodate your corporate and regulatory requirements.

Review the results

Acquire an easy-to-navigate order pipeline that allows you to assign, unassign, or reassign invites and orders effortlessly. With right-hand navigation, you can evaluate, act on, and manage candidate results and attachments from a single tool. A search tool to help you identify and filter the candidate details you're looking for. Create an easy-to-read report with color-coded results and collapsible/expandable search results to speed up the hiring process.

Faster access

You can order pre- and post-hire screening services conveniently and receive rapid screening update alerts. The portal provides quick access to a real-time dashboard that serves as the background check command center where you can view the status of each candidate's report and download background information instantly to share with important decision-makers.