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Integrate your existing digital ecosystem with cFIRST's cutting-edge solutions. Leverage automated screenings with our simplified procedure to gear up the hiring process.

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Our efficient connectors meticulously integrate cFIRST with most well-known systems


cFIRST's integration with Lever helps talent acquisition leaders from across industries bring their robust applicant tracking system (ATS) and recruitment candidate relationship management (CRM) under a single solution.


cFIRST's seamless integration with Ceipal means background checks are faster, easier, and more efficient than ever. No more mountains of forms – just accurate, reliable information at your fingertips, right from your Ceipal dashboard.


cFIRST allows API integration with the iCIMS platform creating streamlined talent acquisition workflows. This integration streamlines the hiring process, ensuring a more efficient and compliant employee onboarding experience.