Criminal record checks

Criminal background checks do not have to be complicated. Sustain a secure workplace with a criminal record search at an industry-best turnaround time.

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What is criminal screening?

Criminal background checks conduct criminal record searches on potential recruits. The screening gives all the information to establish the candidate's criminal history by examining the court records from federal, state, and local authorities for criminal and civil records.

Why is criminal record check important?

Criminal background checks for employment put you in the best position to hire trustworthy talent for your organization and prevent any adverse hiring. Corroborating hiring decisions with a criminal records search will help you:

  • Mitigate risk and maintain compliance
  • Discover and verify felonies and misdemeanors involving your candidate
  • Identify applicants with the propensity to commit crimes in the workplace
  • Protect your organization's customers, employees, assets, and reputation
  • Base your hiring decisions on a fair chance approach
  • Avoid any liability or negligent hiring claims

Explore criminal screening services by cFIRST

Comprehensive criminal records search that allows extreme granularity

cFIRST's criminal background check services offer access to efficient and reliable criminal record searches.

We combine innovative technological tools with the strategic human touch of our experts to broaden the scope, giving you high-quality results, industry-leading turnaround times, and unmatched precision.

Our criminal screening offerings:

National criminal record check

Use this as the first step in a screening process that scours 800 million public records like state-wide repositories, local county information, Department of Corrections and Administration of Courts records. The check identifies state and local criminal jurisdictions for applicants.

County criminal record check

Search county courts for the most up to date record of offenses against state law. Results include charge, disposition, and sentence information.

State criminal record check

Get unmatched accessibility to state repository, police, and law enforcement records for a complete profile of state-wide criminal history of candidates for misdemeanors and felonies.

International criminal record search

Retrieve data from millions of records worldwide procured from international governments, courts, regulatory and law enforcement bodies, and public and proprietary data sources in 200+ countries.

Sex offender registry search

Scan through multi-state registries that include complete data of registered and convicted sex offenders, including the District of Columbia, and US tribes and territories.

Watch list search

Criminal record or industry ban - probe into both domestic and global government watch databases and assorted international sources such as Interpol.

Federal criminal record check

Search for offenses against federal law with Federal Criminal Record Check

Legal compliances to keep in mind while running a criminal background check

Compliance can be murky waters to navigate, especially when performing criminal screening. cFIRST's compliance experts, with their industry knowledge and state-of-the-art tools, follow compliant practices throughout the process.

The fair credit reporting act (FCRA)

While denying employment to a candidate based on the grounds of a criminal record search, organizations must follow the FCRA to sustain a compliant screening process.

Equal employment opportunity commission (EEOC)

Guidelines from EEOC describe individualized assessment and safeguard candidate's right to a fair hiring process.

Ban the box

State, county, and city laws that dictate regulations based on the organization's and applicant's location for unbiased hiring and adverse action process.

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Why screen with cFIRST?

  • Straightforward process and faster results that aid both businesses and applicants.
  • Internal industry experts and verticalized support that suits specific business needs.
  • Scalable packages at a budget that suit your business
  • 99.99% accuracy rate

We help optimize criminal screening solutions that align with the unique identities of diverse industries:

Criminal screening delays can cause you to lose top talent!