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Candidate's driving and motor vehicle record checks serve as a critical aspect of pre-employment screening ensuring a clean driving history.

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What is driver and MVR screening?

While hiring candidates to operate a motor vehicle for your business, MVR background checks verify candidates' driving records and public safety data.

The depth of information you can obtain from MVR varies from state to state. Yet, the driver and MVR data obtained from a department of motor vehicles or other government bodies that sanctions driver's license primarily underline candidate's license status, class, suspensions, violations, restrictions, convictions, and much more.

Why is driver and MVR screening important?

Businesses bear the liability for road safety when hiring someone in the position to drive on their behalf. A single accident is enough to subject you to the risk of litigations and defamation. Running MVR checks helps you look into the driving history of the candidate and gauge if the person can fulfil the safety criteria of the organization and the industry.

MVR background checks help you to:

  • Hire only responsible drivers for business-related fleets
  • Mitigate driver-related risks and loss potential
  • Maintain industry regulations and driver compliance
  • Protect your ../assets, employees, and customers
  • Strengthen the culture of trust among stakeholders
  • Safeguard from hefty insurance costs and liability claims
  • Manage ongoing risks through continuous monitoring

Our driver and MVR screening offerings:

Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)

Assess driver's license status and driving records for US and US territory residents. Get reported about driving violations and other related offenses in the past three years.

Commercial Driver License Information System (CDLIS)

Corroborate your driver and MVR reports with license record details through CDLIS. We help you discover license numbers and jurisdictions of the candidate's existing and past three commercial licenses across all states.

Screening for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration - Regulated Drivers

Get all the data you need for pre-employment screening of FMCSA - regulated drivers. Whether it's five years of crash data, three years of roadside inspection information, or safety performance details, we have covered it for you.

National Driver Register (NDR)

Extremely important when hiring pilots as per the Pilot Record Improvement Act (PRIA). The NDR search supplements MVR checks and helps identify if the applicant's license to operate a motor vehicle has been revoked, suspended, denied or reported any serious traffic-related offenses.

Motor Vehicle Record Monitoring

On-demand MVR checks against state records intending to conduct proactive monitoring for the applicant. It also covers driver training resources.

Global Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

Examining driving and license records outside of the US or US territories.

Who needs MVR screening?

MVR report is an integral part of the pre-employment background screening procedure, essential for anyone hiring an employee who needs to operate a vehicle as a part of their job. Any business that has to do with the following will be required to scrutinize motor vehicle reports of the candidates undertaking those roles:

  • Buses, taxis, trucks, and other commercial vehicles
  • Contract driving for courier delivery services
  • Employees driving company vehicles
  • Drivers who transport clients and employees
  • Traffic school instructors

What questions are answered through MVR screening?

cFIRST's MVR checks prepare you to make informed hiring decisions by furnishing extensive information on:

  • Driver's license status (suspended, expired, active, etc.)
  • Types and classes of vehicles the candidate is licensed to drive
  • Date of issue and expiration of various license types
  • Felony and misdemeanor convictions
  • Traffic violation due to Driving Under Influence/Driving While Intoxicated (DUI/DUW)
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Why screen With cFIRST?

  • Faster and reliable results on license validity
  • Fair and compliant MVR check process
  • 360-degree views of traffic violations, suspensions, vehicular crime, and more
  • Stay abreast with the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations
  • AI-powered platform that minimizes manual tasks and maximizes accuracy

Aligning screening needs for diverse industries

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