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As an identity verification company, we help enterprises eliminate the risk of hiring fraudulent applicants.

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What is identity verification?

Identity verification is the process of pre-employment checks utilizing candidates' personal information to assess and validate their identity. The accurate and precise evaluation of identification data enables you to make sound and calculated decisions. It further gives you a proper insight into their true identity instead of believing what they claim to be.

With several candidates appearing on a periodical basis, it gets arduous to execute manual verifications. cFIRST employs technology mixed with human capabilities to present accurate and precise verification results.

Why is identity verification necessary?

Verification is not an optional strategy to pursue anymore. It is your responsibility as an employer to ensure your organization's safety by maintaining a secure workplace. This is only possible when the workforce in your company is safe and possesses clean records.

There are chances that a candidate might accidentally or deliberately show tampered and inaccurate identity information to mislead employers when applying for a job position. That is why it is vital to dig deeper into a candidate's profile to confirm the information furnished is correct.

Identity verification is an indispensable element in pre-employment screening. It also assists in increasing the efficiency of background checks.

Authenticating a potential employee's identity will aid you in multiple ways. For instance,

  • Creates and encourages trust between customers and businesses
  • Assists you in avoiding non-compliance penalties and charges
  • Asserts the validity of pre-employment background checks of potential hires
  • Saves your business from data security risks, identity theft, and reputational damage
  • Authenticates the identity of an applicant partaking in pre-hire tests and interviews
  • Mitigates the undue risks by assisting the HR teams in making the right decision

Identity verification with cFIRST

cFIRST offers customized screening solutions to suit your needs and requirements. We house a wide range of innovative and unique services for identity verification.

ID document verification

Ascertain the validity of government identity documents, like Aadhar, PAN, Driver's license, election card, and passport, employing machine vision with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

cFIRST's identity verification process

A direct procedure with easy steps to accelerate the recruitment process

Identity verification is undoubtedly a critical step when hiring new employees. cFIRST uses Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA) to proceed and streamline your recruitment process. We validate the accuracy of the legal name, date of birth, and address details. This is how it works:

  • Candidate finishes their profile by entering their personal information.
  • We utilize government-provided IDs, like Aadhar card, passports, or driver's licenses, or perform a biometric verification for faster turnaround results.
  • To make the recruitment process straightforward, cFIRST offers online verification procedures such as copying CAPTCHA.
  • We notify you about the status of the process by sending alerts in real time.

Legal compliances we follow

Everyone has the fundamental right to privacy. You cannot invade anyone's privacy by accessing sensitive personal information without asking for the respective individual's consent. cFIRST, one of the top KYC verification companies, adheres to every act and law governing identity verification for employment.

Information technology act

The Information Technology Act aims to protect all digital transactions. It also provides legal protection for information and communication exchanged over an electronic medium. The Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011, govern the collection of information or anything that authenticates an individual's identity and sensitive personal data, including financial information, medical records, and such.

Digital information security in healthcare act

The Digital Information Security in Healthcare Act 2018 lays down the guidelines to protect the personal information of an individual's health. The bill pertains to retaining sensitive data private. It comprises provisions that regulate the generation, accumulation, access, storage, use, and transmission of associated Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Personal data protection act

Personal Data Protection Act, also known as Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019, protects the rights of individuals whose personal information is possessed or misused and specifies the flow and usage of personal data. It crafts a framework for various circumstances like the accountability of entities with data, moots remedies for unauthorized and harmful possessing, and cross-border data transfer.

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