Employment, education, and professional reference checks for a reliable team

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Verification services to make reliable hiring decisions

Verifications help employers take vigilance of the prospective employees and ensure the candidate information shared is legitimate. The process involves scrutinizing the candidate background on various parameters to create safer and productive workplaces.

cFIRST covers the length and breadth of verification services - from employment history and educational background to professional license checks. With us, you have all the expertise and technology at your disposal to gain prospective/existing employees' data from educational institutes, former employers, and licensing bodies worldwide.

Why Is verification important for you?

Verification is the most reliable way to avoid bad hiring decisions for your business. Whether it's confirming the qualification or identifying resume fraud, verifications help enterprises go about it confidently as it:

  • Helps you hire the talent you can trust.
  • Reduces the cost of rehiring and increases hiring efficacy.
  • Leads to minimized employee churn in the longer run.
  • Enhances the turnaround time of the recruitment cycles.

Unlock the fastest hiring potential with cFIRST's three-step screening process

Step 1: Initiation

We initiate the candidate verification process immediately upon receiving candidate credentials.

Step 2: Verification

While we run automated verification, our team connects with relevant educational and professional bodies to validate data accuracy.

Step 3: Reporting

We report the verified information as per the jurisdiction under question.

We possess

  • Stringent quality controls while running checks across all jurisdictions.
  • Deep understanding of compliance with regulatory framework across jurisdictions.
  • Up-to-date record-keeping of known diploma mills.
  • Worldwide network of data sources and strong relationships with member firms to keep track of changes in the dynamic industry.
  • Automated verification for large number of employers.

Our verification Offerings

Employee background check

Validate if the candidate's work experience and past job responsibilities are accurate and sufficient to meet your requirement.

Education verification

Authenticate candidates' educational credentials with high-quality checks and faster turnaround time.

Professional reference check

Get our experts to talk to professional references to ascertain candidates' soft skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

Academic record check

Verify every bit of educational qualification data supplied by candidates to avoid shortlisting based on fabricated degrees.

Work history check

Analyze employment history to establish the validity of candidates' skills and job experience claims. Also, identify any inconsistency in the employment graph.

Professional license check

From affiliations to memberships, leave no stone unturned to determine the reliability of the professional licenses of the candidate.

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Legal compliance

Compliance can be murky waters to navigate, especially when performing candidate verification. cFIRST's compliance experts, with their industry knowledge and state-of-the-art tools, follow compliant practices throughout the process.

The fair credit reporting act (FCRA)

While denying employment to a candidate based on the grounds of a criminal record search, organizations must follow the FCRA to sustain a compliant screening process.

Equal employment opportunity commission (EEOC)

Guidelines from EEOC describe individualized assessment and safeguard candidate's right to a fair hiring process.

Ban the box

State, county, and city laws that dictate regulations based on the organization's and applicant's location for unbiased hiring and adverse action process.

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Our value proposition

  • Global reach across 200 countries
  • Dedicated world-class resources and facility
  • People-first company culture
  • Professionals with global experience
  • Cross-industry expertise
  • Knowledge of industry-specific best practices

We help optimize screenings that align with the unique identities of diverse industries

Verification delays can cause you to lose top talent!