Putting Innovation at the core of your background checks

With a remarkable ecosystem of innovators, we extend outstanding verification capabilities and emerging technologies to create lasting value across client and candidate experiences. We push the boundaries of technology and innovate at scale to enable smoother and faster talent onboarding.

Pre-joining requirements simplified:

  • Source, track and offer candidates
  • Structured, unbiased and intelligent assessments
  • Virtual interviewing
  • Globally compliant screening solutions
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Our full-cycle talent acquisition technology ecosystem

We, along with our end-to-end technology partners, focus on keeping your business at the forefront of attracting the best talent. Our decluttered and seamlessly integrated platform transforms every single facet of the entire hiring journey for both the recruiters and applicants with cost and time-effectiveness.

With our end-to-end solution, we ensure that candidates move from one hiring stage to another without getting lost and reduce time-to-hire.


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Virtual interviews and assessments. Setting new standards.

COGBEE's AI-powered virtual screening and interviewing platform offers scalable solutions to the new-age recruitment challenges. It facilitates bias-free competence assessment above and beyond the barriers of time and location and nurtures the candidates along the way.

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Intelligent Recruitment Automation. Beyond efficiency.

CAYPRO's integrated and intuitive recruitment software helps accelerate candidate sourcing and tracking like never before. Its feature-rich platform brings together the strength of automation and elevates the onboarding workflow.

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Industry-leading background checks service provider.

cFIRST's verification solutions let you reinvent your recruitment workflows. Team up to optimize your hiring decisions with our reliable and comprehensive background screening.

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