iCIMS Integration

cFIRST allows API integration with the iCIMS platform creating streamlined talent acquisition workflows. This integration streamlines the hiring process, ensuring a more efficient and compliant employee onboarding experience.

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Streamline your Talent Acquisition with iCIMS

The integration of cFIRST’s background screening solutions with the iCIMS platform allows a seamless experience for the customers, letting them easily access and leverage cFIRST’s comprehensive suite of background screening services within the iCIMS interface.

The integration streamlines background screening and verification, eliminating manual data entry and multiple logins, and allowing HR professionals to manage centralized hiring and screening activities.


Make background checks easy with iCIMS's user-friendly platform

Initiate and finish your talent acquisition process from the comfort of your iCIMS portal. This simple solution requires only one-time integration.

Easy to get started

Our technical team will help you make a simple connection, allowing you to start your smooth talent acquisition process right away.

Built-in Compliance tools

Through our extensive global experience working with enterprises of all sizes, we understand the importance of regulatory compliance. Consult us about optimizing your compliance requirements.

Industry-leading turnaround time

We integrate technology and hands-on assistance to produce faster actionable insights while preserving accuracy and compliance.

US and Global Checks across 185+ Countries

We assist global organizations with multi-national hiring while adhering to the regulatory rules of the country where talent acquisition occurs.

Customized Packages

Every organization needs a unique strategy. We take a guided journey before developing the best background screening solution for you.

Dedicated Support team

A team of industry specialists is available to guide you through the integration process and beyond, and a dedicated support staff is assigned for any post integration assistance.